Do you have any questions that need answering? Need expert advice? Avoid expensive mistakes by talking to an expert about the right way of doing things.

Do we need planning? Is that a wall load bearing wall? Does this need building regulations? How much would that cost? Builders giving you trouble? What is the party wall act?

Thinking about buying a property? Need the advice? Need to know if you can achieve planning before you buy the property? 

We offer an expert advice service for any query within feasibility, planning, building regulations, construction, building technology, architecture and design.

Send in your enquiry and upload with as much details as possible, photos, address, previous applications, previous drawings, emails etc and we will come back with the best solution for your query.

We offer 30 minutes of offsite consultation advice via email or telephone £50.00

Please purchase your off site advice voucher below and submit the details with the online form which will appear after you complete your purchase and we will get back to you within 48 hours. Please emphasise any urgent enquires. Please feel free to call in and request for the BACS details should you prefer that payment method